How to Check Virus from skype

For PC has already infected by Skype Virus, you can check this :

Step 1 :
- Don't Open the link.
- Delete the conversation.
- Sign out From Skype.

Step 2 :

1. find out "Run"
2. Type in %appdata%
3. scroll down you will find a fake skype logo without it saying skype
4. delete any programs you see that is 4 key long(letters and numbers) that end in .exe
5. after that check to see if any you have any more programs access to skype

Step 3 :
1. Run Msconfig.exe from your start menu.
2. Find the running start-up, "jzuquz.exe" and remove it.

Step 4 :
1. Run the regedit.exe from your start menu.
2. please find in Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
3. delete jzuquz.exe
4. Restart your computer.

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